1. Along a walk this morning at Miller Beach


  2. Bride channeling her inner Muhammad Ali. She had requested a shot including her workout gloves.


  3. Lake Tahoe, 2014


  4. Tahoe, 2014


  5. Emerald Bay, Lake Tahoe. 2014


  6. Hiking Eagle Falls Trail, Tahoe


  7. Marysville, CA. 2014

    One of the highest unemployment rates in the country, floating between 14 & 16%


  8. Avenue of the Giants, 2014


  9. Wrapped up a wedding edit tonight, couple nice frames from prep.


  10. "Covering 50 square miles, Gary is too big for a population that fell 22 percent in the ten years since 2000." (Photography by David Tribby)


  11. Lost Coast, 2014


  12. Farmers’ Market in my favorite town, Arcata CA. Entire bouquets for the price of a single flower back home. My girlfriend and I ate boxes of fresh blackberries, raspberries, and tayberries as we walked around the plaza. I love this place.


  13. Photo I shot of my friend Matt Daley, part of the new Canon #BringIt campaign. 


  14. My ugly mug is up on Netflix. Look under documentaries for Forgotten Planet Ep. 6 Hashima/Gary (“Gary” is misspelled as “Gray”, c’mon Netflix). I led the crew through Gary Indiana for filming but ended up talking on screen for several scenes. Tune in to see if I trip over my own feet!

    Behind the scene photos I shot during filming.


  15. Looking back through my photo drive, found this sunrise over the community building at the Portage Lakefront & Riverwalk shot 3 years ago. I rarely posted up any of the sunrises I shot over a period of insomnia back then. There’s the fish in a barrel sentiment plus I’m not particularly fond of overly colorful landscapes. To me the fleeting moments of color in the wee hours aren’t very representative of real life. It’s sure pretty to watch tho.